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A U.S. Coalition for Life Commentary                                                                                                                                                     March 2011


AmChurch and the Great Pro-Life Betrayal


Part I


Cardinal DiNardo and Houstons Planned Parenthood Supercenter


By Randy Engel, Director, USCL




Cardinal DiNardos Vigil Mass Homily


 On the evening of Sunday, January 23, 2011, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, Archbishop of Galveston-Houston, Texas, served as the main celebrant and homilist at the Solemn Vigil Mass for Life at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D.C. The Mass is part of the many memorial events marking Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court abortion decision of January 22, 1973. The Cardinal was joined by four fellow cardinals, 39 bishops, 400 priests, deacons, priests and religious, and thousands of Catholics pro-lifers, mostly young people.


 DiNardos homily as Chair of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)s Pro-Life Committee followed a pattern already familiar to pro-life marchers from previous years Scriptural quotes and comments; a general welcome with special emphasis on the youthful contingent in the audience; a brief summary of anti-abortion legislation pending in Congress; a call for Christian unity; and finally a story aboutDiNardos prison ministry which is tied into the Catholic Campaign to End the Use of the Death Penalty, a program funded and operated by the USCCB Secretariat for Justice, Peace and Human Development not the Pro-Life Office.

 DiNardo made no mention of euthanasia, contraception (abortifacients), sterilization; population control, lethal human embryo and fetal experimentation,classroom sex instruction programs which Planned Parenthood says are necessary to secure Roe v. Wade, pornography, homosexuality, sexual abuse, human vital organ transplantation and other dangers to human life and the family which make up part of the traditional broad spectrum of life issues facing Catholics today. His homily was pretty much a pro forma performance on abortion, with little real substance. The kind that we have come to expect from the AmChurch hierarchy.


Houstons New Abortion Mega Center

 Watching EWTN coverage of the Vigil Mass, I wondered how many Catholics in the audience were aware that Planned Parenthoods newest and the second largest abortion super center in the world (China has the first), is located in the Cardinals back yard, on I- 45, just a few miles from the Archdioceses new Cathedral and renovated Chancery Office.

 The 78,000 square foot free standing Planned Parenthood (PP) flagship houses fully-licensed ambulatory surgical suites for late-term infanticide killings up to six months plus one week gestation, birth prevention (read abortifacients) facilities, and regional administrative offices for 35 counties in Southeast Texas and Louisiana.  Ironically, the renovated building, once a bank, is fashioned in the form of a cash register, a constant reminder to everyone that money is the nexus of PP. Each year, the lives of more than 80,000 babies are snuffed out by chemical and surgical abortion in PPs Galveston-Houston facilities at $500 to $2,500 per life. Planned Parenthood is hoping that business will pick up with its new regional facility. PP says it cannot be held accountable for faulty or omitted contraception, hence the need for abortion as a back-up.

 The new massive death machine located at the inner city intersection of four black and Hispanic neighborhoods in Houston will continue to serve as a genocidal extermination center for thousands of babies of minority women of low income. The nearby University of Houston and Texas Southern University will provide additional fodder for PPs anti-life engine.

DiNardo Silent on Western Hemispheres Largest Aboritorium

 Imagine how inspired, how fired up, Cardinal DiNardos listeners at the Vigil Mass would have been to hear how the Cardinal, like a modern-day Saint George, had undertaken a well-orchestrated and relentless campaign to slay the Planned Parenthood dragon. How he rallied his flock of one and a half million laypeople in opposition to the mega abortion center in his Archdiocese. Surely, this is stuff that legends are made of.


But alas! DiNardo was religiously silent on the subject at the Pro-life Vigil Mass. As silent as he had been the year before at the 2010 Vigil Mass, shortly after PP had announced its intensions to build its new Murder Inc. complex in Houston.

 True to their mission, many national, state and especially Houston pro-life groups have been picketing and protesting PPs massive killing center since day one. But Cardinal DiNardo, the Chair of AmChurchs National Pro-Life Office, has been conspicuously silent over the past two years.

 One of the few public statements he has made in opposition to the new PP mega- center was in early 2010 during the Protestant-led ecumenical 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign which was co-sponsored by the Houston Coalition for Life and the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

 In a jointly prepared media release dated March 4, 2010, DiNardo stated:

 Our participation in this ecumenical effort is an opportunity to implement the prayer  aspect of our Catholic prolife activities and also fulfill our call to Christian unity.  Followers of Christ share a belief in respect for all human life, from conception to natural  death. Together, we will offer a prayerful, peaceful witness of our common commitment to  the human person.  The opening of this new Planned Parenthood center in Houston calls all people of faith to defend innocent human life that is voiceless.  Prayer and witness on  behalf of human life in the womb deserve our utmost attention as people dedicated to  upholding human rights and the God-given dignity and worth of each person (emphasis  added).


 However, the Cardinal has not given his utmost attention to the matter.

 Indeed, to date, DiNardo has said little and done even less when faced with this reality of pure unadulterated evil in his own Archdiocese. The children being murdered are his flock. Doesnt he care? He is supposed to be a shepherd not a hireling. Indeed, his crimson robes are a reminder that he must, if necessary, lay down his life for his flock, not throw them under a Planned Parenthood bus.

 Sadly, as I shall document in my next installment to this series, DiNardo is but one of many in a long-line of post-Conciliar AmChurch bishops whose silence and inaction have brought moral ruin and death to Americas shores.

 Cardinal DiNardos silence and inaction is a scandal of the first degree not only to Houston Catholics, but also to Catholics throughout the U.S., because the Cardinal represents the head of the USCCB Pro-Life Committee. Clearly, the Committee needs a new leader.

- End-

Note: Part II of this commentary How AmChurch Bishops Opened the Door to Roe v. Wade is scheduled to appear in April 2011.


Contact Information: Randy Engel, Director, USCL

Box 315, Export, PA 15632 

724  327 - 7379


Friday, February 9, 2011


World Peace to be Found in the Fatima Consecration

Not Assisi Meeting


A Commentary by Randy Engel




The link to the GloriaTV video Beatification and Assisi at was mistakenly sent to my computer trash bin early on Saturday morning, but when I saw that it was from my old friend, Mary Henry, I pulled it up and seeing that it related to the World Prayer Meeting of Religions hosted by Pope John Paul II on October 27, 1986, in Assisi, I settled back in my chair to watch it. Had I been more observant, I would have noticed that the speaker, Bishop Elias, represented the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church (UOGCC), and not the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC), which has official ties with Rome. This mistake turned out to be somewhat providential.


The Shot Heard Round the World

By the time Bishop Elias finished his opening statement I was wide-awake and sitting on the edge of my seat. He said:

Your Holiness, on the very first day in the New Year shocking news went around. You confirmed the apostatical gesture in Assisi. You intend to repeat and canonize it. We quote you, To commemorate the great historic gesture of my predecessor and to solemnly renew the commitment of the believers of all religions, to their own religious faith as a serving to peace Your Holiness, realize that by your acknowledgement of the Assisi gesture you stood against Christ, and against His Mystical Body, the Church. 

Obviously, Bishop Elias was just warming up. By the time the 11 minute video was over, my head was reeling and my heart was pounding..

Bishop Elias not only called upon Benedict XVI to cancel his planned October 2011 trip to Assisi, but he also asked the pope to make public reparation for the sacrilege and blasphemies of past Assisi meetings; to cancel plans to beatify John Paul II; and to begin the reform of the Church by removing from office all apostate bishops and cardinals.

Who is this Bishop Elias? Where did he come from? And perhaps, most importantly, I asked myself, how long would it take for Rome to remove the bishop from his See? Many criminal clerical pederasts and homosexuals with miters have managed to evade Romes censure for decades on end, some in perpetuity, but I had a feeling that Bishop Elias would fare less well once Rome saw this video.

Fortunately, I was able to answer my own questions rather quickly, once I realized that Bishop Dohnal belonged to the UOGCC and not the Vatican-approved UGCC, and thus, what Rome planned to do with him was largely irrelevant.

Nevertheless, I was happy for my initial error because I think I listened to the bishops message more closely than I otherwise might have. Alas, for just a few minutes, I actually thought that a bishop in good standing in the Church had mustered enough courage to publicly oppose both the beatification of John Paul II and Benedict XVI visit to Assisi. Silly me.


Why Assisi? Why Not Fatima?

This commentary, however, is not about the statements of Bishop Dohnal per se. Although, for the record, I oppose both the popes October inter-religious Assisi event, and the beatification of John Paul II scheduled for May 1, 2011.

Rather, the point of this commentary is to publicly ask why the Pope, in his quest for world peace, is going to Assisi rather than Fatima in October 2011. Why is he not following Our Ladys Peace Plan rather than his own? Why is the Pope calling for an interreligious gathering of heretics, infidels, witch doctors and pagans, when he should be calling for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary according to her specific requirements  a consecration carried out by the Holy Father in union with all the bishops of the world?

October 13, 2011, will mark the 94th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun which took place at Fatima in 1917. The future will mark this date as another miracle, if Benedict XVI carries out the prescribed Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Is it not time, once again, to storm heaven with our petitions and our prayers for this intention? Wont you help, by personally making your request to the Holy Father today, and by enlisting the cooperation and support of your family, friends, pastors, and bishop. The message is really quite short - Assisi No. Fatima Consecration Yes.

And what if Benedict XVI decides to ignore Our Ladys Peace Plan and goes to Assisi?

If, despite all our Masses, prayers and rosaries, Benedict XVI dismisses Our Ladys Plan for Peace, let us vow to make October 13, 2011, a day of personal and public reparation including fasting and acts of penance for all the sacrileges and offenses committed against the most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Alto quien vive!!

Contact Information

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI PP.
Bishop of Rome
Apostolic Palace
Via del Pellegrino
Vatican City State, 00120

His Excellency The Most Reverend Pietro Sambi
Embassy of the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See
3339 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008-3687



September 26, 2011

Catholic Family News Interview with Marielena Stuart

By Randy Engel

This interview appeared in Catholic Family News ( in September 2011

Interview with Marielena Stuart

[Editor�s note: On August 20, 2011, CFN columnist Randy Engel, Director of the U.S. Coalition for Life and the International Foundation for Genetic Research/Michael Fund interviewed Mrs. Marielena Stuart, candidate for the U.S. Senate from Florida. Mrs.Stuart is running on a prolife, pro-family ticket.J.V.]

Randy Engel: Mrs. Stuart � would you tell our readers about your family background and your experiences as a Catholic growing up in Communist Cuba?

Marielena Stuart My family is originally from Spain.I was born and raised in Cuba�tragically, under Fidel Castro�s Communist regime.

I believe that our earliest experiences in life are essentially points of departure. As a
practicing Roman Catholic and one who respects Church authority I am drawn to reflect on the events of my Catholic experience, growing up under Fidel Castro�s murderous Communist regime.

I was taught by my parents to defend our Catholic faith, in spite of the persecution that we suffered. Obviously, I survived. But thousands of others have been imprisoned, tortured and executed � among them, members of my family � as they cried out �Long Live Christ the King!�

Within the confines of our home I was secretly taught the Catechism by my mother � the Catechism being the authoritative expression of the Catholic faith. Our formation had to be strong, in order to fight the evil that surrounded us.

Under Communism, my living example of greatness and loyalty within the Church was the priest who risked his life to make sure that I received my First Holy Communion, while armed Communist military thugs threatened us � as they lined the walls of my hometown's beautiful church, which dates back to the 17th Century.

The battle cry in defense of our faith still echoes inside the walls of that church.

Engel: Was your family�s resistance to Communist tyranny a spontaneous reaction?

Stuart: Yes. When we stood up as Catholics against the Communists in Cuba, we did so immediately and without hesitation. Our defense of the Church was based on faith and conviction. We did not stop to consider �conspiracies� from the Communist bureaucrats.

We did not look for public relations maneuvers � nor did we appeal to Cardinals for help. We were Christian soldiers left in a battlefield of brutal violence and hatred against our God-given rights � and it was up to us to stand up and defend those rights. Having lost our liberty, the only source of hope was our faith and our love for Christ and his Church. The world chose to ignore our suffering.

Engel: And today?

Stuart: To this day, it still does. In fact, even the Holy See has increasingly betrayed and abandoned the plight of the Cuban people under Castro � through diplomatic maneuvers between Rome and Havana. In contrast, not enough can ever be said about the lay Catholics who never wavered in their defense of the Church � in spite of the persecution they suffered under Communism.��

Engel: When did you come to the US? Where did you settle?� Your education? Your work in linguistics?

Stuart: I came with my family in the late 1960�s.We settled in California�and moved to Florida four years ago.My education is in linguistics�with an emphasis on Romance languages. My work in linguistics has included legal and international conference interpreting. I also trained for many years as a concert pianist.��My work as a conservative journalist and columnist also reflects my life experiences under political systems, travel and foreign languages.

Engel: Have you always been interested in politics?

Stuart: Having lived many years under Communism�it is impossible not to be interested in politics.�� Politics affect us every day of our lives.It is up to us as citizens to make sure that the political process will work for the good of humanity�not against it.This political process must also ensure that the nation will remain strong and democratic.

Engel: Whatprompted you to run as a pro-life, pro-family candidate for the U.S. Senate from Florida?

Stuart:I believe that the killing of innocent human life is destroying our society�not just morally, but economically as well.� Unless we stop this slaughter of innocents, our nation is doomed.

As a long-time prolife activist, Randy, I know you are very well aware that throughout the world, most especially in the United States and Europe, human life has been devalued, and anti-human ideologies have infected our communities and government.� Innocent human life has become a disposable commodity.

�In the economic sphere, those who promote the sanctity of life are under attack by socialists and �progressive� economists who see population growth as an enemy of the economy.� Tragically, the latter�s neo-Malthusian �policies and practices have become institutionalized in federal and state legislation.

Over the last 40 years, the federal government has spent billions �upon �billions of tax dollars to promote �population �control �at �home and abroad. These �anti-baby, anti-natalist �programs have included �abortion by both surgical and chemical means, as well as mass sterilization. �

It is time for the federal government to end its �Stop the Stork� campaign initiated by the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare in the early 1970s.

Engel: As a prolife Senator, would you work to stop these tax-funded anti-life programs at home and abroad?

Stuart: Certainly. One of my objectives, should I be elected, is to lead the fight to replace these anti-life programs with profamily and pro-natalist programs and policies. After all, these are the kinds of policies and programs which have served this nation well from the founding of the Republic up until the passage of anti-life legislation four decades ago.

As the representative of the people of the State of Florida, I will work tirelessly, openly and publicly to promote and defend the sanctity of all human life from cradle to grave. �I promise to fight especially hard for the most vulnerable of our citizens-- especially the mentally and physically handicapped, born and unborn, and the aged and indigent. �When our poor reach out for bread, they should not be given stones to eat.� But a socialist environment does not help the poor.� This is why it is critical that we support private sector growth-- so that more jobs can be created.� Americans should be able to enjoy the fruits of their own labor-- without dependency on the government.

To date, more than 50 million Americans have been surgically aborted and millions more have died by chemical abortifacients and devices. As high as these figures are, they still do not include the millions of human embryos who have been destroyed in pseudo-scientific programs involving human stem cell research and IVF programs. �

Do Americans really want to continue this systematic destruction of our future citizens while the push for euthanasia of the elderly and the infirmed becomes ever more aggressive? What will become of our nation, if this human carnage is not stopped?

For every death sentence delivered on an unborn child by abortion, or an elderly patient by euthanasia-- is a death sentence delivered upon our own nation. Clearly, to be for abortion, is to be against your own survival.

As a candidate for the United States Senate I am committed to uncompromising action in defense of the sanctity of all human life which comes to each of us as a gift from Almighty God.

Engel: I noticed that your prolife and pro-family philosophies are closely intertwined.

Stuart: Of course. After all, the family is the building block and foundation for a civilized society. �The family existed from man�s beginning-- before the creation of the State and the Church. �We need to support legislation that supports the family and remove legislation which undermines and endangers the family. �

Engel: In looking at your campaign website I was pleasantly surprised to see that your platform includes a broad spectrum of prolife issues. Pro-life is not just a single issue, is it?

Stuart: No indeed! Prolife issues, in addition to their moral implications, are at the very core of many of America�s most pressing problems related to our economic and national defense problems. That�s why the future of our country depends so heavily on a return to the protection of all innocent human life.

Engel: Before you go, I wanted to briefly ask you about your interest and expertise in the area of foreign affairs. As a US Senator, foreign affairs will occupy a great part of your time, so I am happy to see that so many of your columns on the Renew America website are devoted to these matters.

Stuart: Yes. The field of foreign affairsis of great interest to me.It always has been. This includes the dynamics of foreign and security policies, and the degree of power and influence that each nation has.But most important� how it uses power and influence to advance its goals.

Engel: As a traditional Catholic, I�m sure you have been carefully monitoring events in the Holy Land and in the Middle East in general?

Stuart: Yes, I have been following these events for many, many years.

Engel: In the very short time that we have left, would you please comment on the continuing Israeli and Palestinian debate?

Stuart: Let me begin by stating that in international affairs the idea of a compromise is often perceived as a position of weakness, or a relinquishing of principle; however, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one whichrequires a compromise that recognizes and respects the historic and moral claims to this ancient land, by both Jews and Arabs.This compromise must include careful�consideration of security issues.

The United States is the only reliable and credible mediator in the peace process.Not Europe�and certainly not the United Nations.

As Americans we seek peace and justice for all. The Holy Land should also be a place of peace and justice for all � as Christ taught more than 2000 years ago.

Engel: You have just announced your candidacy for the US Senate seat on the Republican ticket?�What are your hopes for your campaign?What are your biggest challenges?

Stuart: I would characterize my campaign as a historic opportunity to serve our extraordinary nation by protecting human life, by rebuilding our economy and strengthening the private sector�and by protecting our constitutional rights.

We need leaders in Washington who will have the strength of character and the will to succeed in rebuilding our country�not just economically, but morally as well. � This is why I am presenting my candidacy for the United States Senate.

Engel: Mrs. Stuart, I know that you are personally devoted to Our lady. Today, we have been discussing all types of conflicts including the war on the unborn and warring factions in the Middle east. How do you see all these events in the light of Our Lady�s Peace Plan given to the three children at Fatima in 1917?

Stuart: The message of Nossa Senhora de F�tima is fundamentally a universal declaration of peace from the Mother of Christ, Our Lord. As such, it addresses all that affects humankind.

Engel: If our readers have any comments or questions for you, how can they contact you?

Stuart: They can contact me at

Engel: Thank you, Mrs. Stuart. It was my pleasure talking with you this evening.

Stuart: My thanks to Catholic Family News, and you Randy, for this interview.

- End -

January 7, 2011

The Vatican Circus � Reflections on the Pellegrini Scandal

By Randy Engel, Director, U.S. Coalition for Life

�Topless Acrobats Perform for Pope�

�Bare-chested Acrobats Perform for Pope�

��Pope Captivated by Shirtless Male Acrobats�

�Surprise Strippers in Vatican!�


����������� These headlines which flooded the Internet and international media following the Papal General Audience of December 15, 2010, held at Paul VI Hall in Vatican City were enough to unsettle even the most intrepid post-Conciliar Catholic.

����������� The scandal in question involved the Pellegrini Brothers, heirs to the well-known Italian circus dynasty, who were invited to entertain the pope and his entourage and the more than 6,000 visitors assembled for the weekly audience during the Advent season in Rome. It was, however, not their short hand-balancing act, but rather their grand entrance and provocative salutation to the Holy Father that sparked controversy.

����������� On cue, the four young men mounted the platform area, faced the pope seated across from his secretary and cardinals on stage, and then in a manner reminiscent of the Vegas Chippendale male strippers, peeled off their jackets revealing their bare muscular upper torso. The Fratelli Pellegrini were accompanied on stage by a statuesque, well-endowed brunette with stiletto boots who had been poured into a black skin-tight leather outfit and whose task it was to gather up the performers� jackets, stroll across the stage and await the end of the exhibition. The only fashion accessory she lacked to complete the sadomasochist scenario was a whip.

����������� The anti-climatic gymnast act completed, the Pellegrini Brothers followed by the madam in leather, left the stage to the sounds of clapping from an enthusiastic audience, including a smiling pope and host of cardinals.

� �

Pellegrini Brothers Perform at �Gay Circus�

����������� On July 25-27, 2008, the Pellegrini Brothers appeared in the Gay Circus, a specially-staged 3-day event set within the framework of the XII EuroGames (�Gay Olympics�) in Barcelona, Spain. Up until this point, the Pellegrini name had been associated with well-known international circuses including the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (USA), the Circus Knie (Switzerland), and the International Circus Festival (Monte Carlo).

����������� Billed as �a show for people without prejudices,� that is �a gay and lesbian friendly audience,� by publicist Irene Peralta, the �Gay Circus� was created as an artistic tribute to gay culture and as a �contribution to the normalization of homosexuality.� It� featured male/male performers in a homoerotic setting. Peralta told reporters that �Gay Circus will transform the traditional understanding of the circus.�

����������� The homosexual media touted the event as an opportunity for parents to introduce their sons to other forms of sexual love outside the traditional male/female model, and to give greater exposure to homosexuality as a legitimate sexual preference. Video selections of the Gay Circus show many children in the audience. Ticket sales were estimated to be over 12,000. �

����������� The theme of the Gay Circus centered upon the eternal struggle between Good and Evil. Sadomasochist elements which dominate gay culture were visible both in the costuming and demeanor of the performers. One aerial act featured two male �angels� in a tight embrace naked except for a g-string. Another, with two �devils� in black leather jockstraps and harnesses. A short video of the Pellegrini Brothers performance at the Gay Circus, which was very similar to the portion of their act performed at the papal audience complete with an opening strip scenario, showed two burly shirtless men acting as jacket attendants.

����������� According to Gay Circus producer Genis Matabosch, artistic performance and quality were the primary criteria for casting, not sexual orientation. Matabosch admitted he did not know who among the cast was homosexual and who was not. �

The Vatican Circus Dicastery

����������� So, how did the Fratelli Pellegrini make the transition from the Barcelona Gay Circus to a performance at a formal papal audience attended by thousands of Catholics and non-Catholics from around the world as well as the international media? �

����������� The Pellegrini Brothers were in Rome to participate in the International Congress on the Pastoral Care of Circus and Traveling Show People being held in Vatican City from December 13-16, 2010. The event comes under the jurisdiction of the Curia�s Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerants, created by Pope John Paul II in 1988. The President of the Council is Archbishop Antonio Maria Vegli�. The staff is made up of 14 assistants and a large number of �members,� advisors and consultants including U.S. Cardinals Adam Maida and Theodore McCarrick.� �

����������� The last Vatican Circus Congress was held in December 12-16, 2004 with 90 official participants including National Circus Directors, chaplains, religious and laity including some circus performers. The theme of the Congress was �Welcoming Circus and Traveling Show People � From Diversity to a Friendly Coexistence.�

����������� The stated purpose of the Congress is to promote the spiritual welfare of Catholic circus people, although it serves other purposes as well. For example, in a major address delivered to the 2004 Circus Congress, Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, Secretary for the Pontifical Council on Migrants, used the opportunity to hammer away at a favorite� post-Conciliar theme � �dialogue.� Thus in the Congress� �Final Document� we read about the need for dialogue everywhere:

����������� dialogue in pastoral work; dialogue and mission; training for dialogue; a school to educate for ������ dialogue; dialogue with indigenous populations; dialogue against every form of prejudice, ���� racism, and xenophobia; dialogue with a view to integration (not assimilation); dialogue ��� aimed at inculturation, dialogue implying reciprocity; the dialogue of life; dialogue and new ���� evangelisation; dialogue, liturgy, prayer and places of worship; dialogue and �matrimony; �� dialogue leading to communion�in diversity; and�dialogue and Church discipline.

����������� As the Congress drew to a close, John Paul II told the Congress participants that �the circus and amusement parks �can be turned into a new field of the great themes of pastoral care, ecumenicalism and the encounter of members of other religions, and the common commitment to building a universal brotherhood.� ��

����������� No doubt the irony of these tributes to Modernism and Progressivism was not lost on the Catholic circus population which makes up approximately three-quarters of the world�s circus population. Italy alone has 150 circuses and 65,000 families engaged in amusement parks and fairs.

����������� Although circus families face problems common to society in general, especially drug and alcohol abuse, care for the elderly,� and the education of the young, the typical multi-generational Catholic circus family is strong in structure, morally upright, pious and� traditional in its beliefs and practices. Efforts to promote ecumenicalism and �dialogue� have been largely wasted on tradition-bound circus families.

����������� Another good piece of news is that while the world-wide Homosexual Collective has made great inroads into many occupations, until 2008, with the creation of Barcelona Gay Circus, the circus has not been one of them.�

Who is to Blame for the Pellegrini Incident?

����������� The answer is obvious � the leadership of the International Congress on the Pastoral Care of Circus People and the Pontifical Council for Migrants, as well asofficials charged with screening entertainers invited to perform at papal audiences.

����������� The Vatican has a dress code strictly enforced by the Swiss guards. Why would this not apply to entertainers at Vatican functions as well? There is no reason that the Pellegrini Brothers could not have worn the traditional gymnastic uniform of male Olympic athletes consisting of a one-piece singlet and matching stirrup pants. And who authorized the dame in leather? �

����������� Further, aren�t security background checks performed on such individuals who perform within feet of the Holy Father? Was no member of the dicastery informed of the� Pellegrini Brothers� participation in the Barcelona Gay Circus, an action which should have disqualified them from participating in the deliberations of the International Congress as well as being honored as a guest of the Vatican with a worldwide audience? Regardless if any or all or none of the Pellegrini Brothers are homosexual, they freely participated in an immoral production specifically created to advance the agenda of Organized Perversion. Such action should never have been rewarded.

����������� After viewing the Pellegrini video, I asked myself even if Vatican officials knew about the Pellegrini Brothers� Gay Circus engagement would it have made any difference? I don�t know. �

Vatican Capitulation in the Face of Organized Perversion

����������� Sadly, the crux of the problem, I fear, is not so much a matter of mere bureaucratic inefficiency and lax vetting by the Vatican.�

����������� It has been at least 40 years since the forces of Organized Perversion, as manifested by the so-called �Gay Liberation Movement� � with its connections to a world-wide network of illicit drug trade, pornography, prostitution and organized crime � declared war on God, the Catholic Church and Civil Society.

����������� Thus far, the Holy See has yet to even recognize that it IS at war with the forces of Organized Perversion, both within and without the Church, much less launched any kind of effective resistance or counter measures.

����������� Remember the Austrian Sankt Polten Seminary Scandal which occurred under the watch of John Paul II? Among the least pornographic photos released by the media were �those showing the seminary�s vice-rector open mouth kissing the rector at a seminary Christmas party? According to Apostolic Visitor Rev. Klaus Kung, the seminary was operating �as a veritable brothel.�

����������� Given the extent of seminary homosexual scandals being laid at the door of the Holy See, why have we yet to hear any announcement from the Holy See that it intends to clean out the Lavender Mafia from seminaries (and houses of women religious) world wide, and it is willing to investigate charges of sexual abuse of seminarians and female novices and nuns by predatory rectors, bishop, and convent superiors? �I have not heard of any such pronouncement. Have you?��


����������� Remember the Msgr. Tommaso Stenico Scandal which occurred under Benedict XVI�s watch? Stenico, a relatively high-ranking official of the Vatican�s Congregation for Clergy which oversees the world�s priests, was caught on camera in his Vatican office �soliciting homosex from a young man. In his own defense, Stenico later claimed he was engaged in undercover work for his superiors and that he maintained a detailed dossier on homosexual prelates and prelates working in the Vatican. Stenico was suspended, but we were never informed of the truth of the matter by the Vatican. �


����������� Don�t these scandals coupled with the criminal actions of pederast and homosexual priests, religious and prelates for which the Church has paid dearly in terms of loss of souls and billions of dollars in settlement claims suggest to the Holy See the need for an internal moral house cleaning beginning with the Vatican itself.

����������� A more recent case is point was an incident that occurred during Benedict XVI�s visit to England in September 2010. The Vatican's chief spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, was asked by a Catholic reporter at a public press conference if the pope was going to address the pressing issue of �gay� Masses (with accompanying sacrilegious communions by openly practicing homosexuals and lesbians) held in Catholic churches in London. Lombardi responded that, �No it wasn�t on his [the pope�s] schedule.�

����������� �Why not?� I might ask.

����������� Isn�t the Holy See interested in defending the honor and glory of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist? How many complaints does the pope need to close down these homosexual Masses and parishes like Most Holy Redeemer in San Francisco and St. Francis Xavier Parish in Manhattan, and those in London and elsewhere?

����������� Now it stands to reason that if the pope cannot bring himself to publicly acknowledge �that the Church is at war with the forces of Organized Perversion, most especially, the international Homosexual Collective, if he does not take the threats of these forces of Organized Evil seriously, if he does little or nothing to support the Catholic laity which has picked up the gauntlet and accepted this challenge which spews forth from the bowels of Hell, then his underlings including those officials at the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerants will not take the matter seriously either, even if should mean another public humiliation for the Holy Father and an attack on the very honor of God and the office of the Papacy, which the �Pellegrini Affair certainly was. ��

� End �

For additional information contact Randy Engel, Director, US CL at 724-327-7379 or

Please visit our Research Library at

Michael Voris on Homosexuals as Victim Souls �

A Response by Randy Engel

Dear Friends � Once again I must take exception to Michael Voris� recent presentation on homosexuals as victim souls which was released on September 24, 2010, under the heading �Homosexual persons ARE different, but in one way many people might not have thought about very much.�

Voris notes in his opening statement that homosexuality is a topical issue today that needs to be addressed from a Catholic perspective. True enough.


He then states that Catholics all know the Church�s teaching (on homosexuality). This is not true.


Other than perhaps a vague recollection of God�s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by brimstone and fire in punishment for the unnatural sins of their inhabitants as recorded in the Old Testament in Genesis 19:24, most Catholics are woefully ignorant of the Church�s teachings on homosexuality (and its hand-maiden, pederasty), especially from a historical perspective.


For example, up until the summer of 2002 when Catholic Family News ran my series on St. Peter Damian�s Book of Gomorrah, an eleventh century treatise on clerical sodomy and pederasty in the Roman Catholic Church, very few Catholics were aware that such a work even existed. Since Voris has singled out the spiritual aspect of homosexuality, I think it relevant to cite a short except from St. Damian�s views on the innate malice of the vice of sodomy which he believed surpassed the enormity of all other vices:

Without fail it brings death to the body and destruction to the soul. It pollutes the flesh, extinguishes the light of the mind, expels the Holy Spirit from the temple of the human heart, and gives entrance to the devil, the stimulator of lust. � It opens up hell and closes the gates of paradise. �This vice excludes a man from the assembled choir of the Church. �This disease erodes the foundation of faith, saps the vitality of hope, dissolves the bond of love. It makes away with justice, demolishes fortitude, removes temperance, and blunts the edge of prudence. Shall I say more? *


One of the major themes of Voris� presentation is that homosexuals not only feel different, but they are different, and that this difference is a source of incomprehensible suffering for them. We are told that this �suffering,� this �cross� they bear, �must� engender the understanding and compassion of �non-homosexual persons.� ��


To which I reply that the homosexual who, by definition, is sexually attracted to and desires sexual relations with his or her own sex, is indeed �different,� but in a decidedly abnormal and perverse way.

Heterosexuality is instinctive in man. It is the biological norm for the human species. Unless interfered with, man is heterosexual in his essential nature. All men, including homosexuals, consciously or unconsciously, strive toward heterosexuality, that is to say, towards normalcy.


The real �difference� a homosexual experiences applies not only to his deviant choice of sexual objects, but to his heavily metastasized personality which is marked by neurotic, masochistic tendencies that are manifested in an array of phobias, obsessions and other sexual and emotional aberrations. The habituated homosexual drowns himself in a sea of self-pity/self dramatization fed by a self-created daily ritual of �injustice collecting.� His deviant behavior is characterized by markers common to all sexual perversions � compulsion, fixity, aggression, narcissism, risk-taking, unresolved conflict, fantasy and the denial and remaking of reality, strong feelings of guilt and hate, and a graduated perversity. In addition, the anti-culture in which he finds himself is dominated by illicit drugs, pornography, prostitution, suicide, and domestic violence including murder.

Voris goes on to lament that unlike eligible heterosexuals, �a homosexual faithful Catholic� � cannot get married because he or she desires the same level of intimacy, but cannot even entertain it.�


That�s correct. So where�s the beef?


Marriage is between one woman and one man. It was instituted by God in Paradise in order that the human species might perpetuate itself and that the husband and wife should be cooperators with God in bringing forth new life � immortal souls to populate the heavens and, thereby, give glory to the Creator. Two men or two women who wish to �marry� each other just don�t cut it. And, if they were indeed �homosexual faithful Catholics� they would not even �entertain� such a perverted idea so obviously opposed to the Natural Law. ��

Please take note also of Voris� erroneous use of the word �intimacy� in connection with homosexuality. Such usage reveals either a debilitating degree of na�vet� or a deliberate attempt to deceive the listener. ��������

Homosexual acts can never be described as �intimate,� nor can they ever be described in any language remotely resembling terms that are used to describe the conjugal act whereby completeness and wholeness are achieved by the reconciliation of complementary beings and �two become one flesh.�

The homosexual is not a �lover.� He is a sexual consumer. Homosex is profoundly narcissistic and selfish. Genital body parts are joined or stimulated, but there is no sense of communion, unity and oneness that characterizes the mature and loving marital embrace. Sodomy and fellatio are particularly degrading and violent practices.

The homosexual lives in a fantasy land. He likes to play house and even pretend �marriage.� It is only when he is willing to trade in his fantasies for reality that his healing and movement toward psychic, spiritual and emotional wellness can begin. Voris� sentimentalization of the plight of the homosexual contributes nothing towards this reparative process. Indeed it does just the opposite.

For example, Voris tells us that part of the homosexual�s �sufferings� include �the internal quiet pain of knowing, that in many cases, this is simply their lot.�

Sexual perversions, however, are no one�s �lot,� not while there exists an all powerful and merciful God who desires our salvation and offers mankind, through His One, Holy and Apostolic Church, the Sacramental means, especially the Sacraments of Penance and the Holy Eucharist, by which man can conquer his sinful passions. There is no sin, however grave, that God does not forgive, providing the penitent, by his acts of contrition, confession and satisfaction desires to be forgiven and make reparation, and he expresses his belief in the saving power of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins that we might attain eternal glory with Him in heaven.

There have also been many advances in reparative therapy in recent years which offer homosexuals additional hope for recovery � whole or partial � thus opening the door for a normal conjugal life for those who wish to marry and have children, or the promise of living out the single life in accordance with God�s ordinances.

Combine all these elements with the support of parents, relatives and friends who are correctly informed as to the true nature of the homosexual condition and struggle, and there is cause for optimism, especially when the homosexual himself is highly motivated.��

Finally we come to the main theme of Voris� presentation � homosexuals as victim souls.

Although it is not a term to be found in official Church teachings, unofficially, �victim souls� refers to souls especially chosen by God to imitate Our Lord�s Passion in a unique way, and who by their voluntary sufferings, trials and sacrifices make amends for sinners and their ingratitude in order that they, the sinners, can receive God�s mercy. In a certain sense, all baptized persons are called upon to offer up their sufferings and trials by virtue of Our Lord�s command to take up one�s cross and follow Him. But the true victim soul is special in that the specific invitation to accept this extraordinary grace is said to come directly from God.

In his opening statement, Voris selects Bl. Mother Teresa, Saint John of the Cross, and especially Our Blessed Mother, as examples of victim souls who suffered greatly in their quest for the salvation of souls.

Voris then returns to his opening theme regarding the hardships of being different, of loneliness and not belonging, the buffeting from external temptations and other �crosses� to which homosexuals are exposed, and he offers the following solution � become victim souls:

So he is different. He must approach life from an entirely different aspect from most others � that of the victim soul. He is different. He is a treasure beyond compare from the God who brought him forth and crafted his cross for him to the circumstances of a fallen and sinful world. He is different. His cross if accepted, unlike that of many other people�s crosses, will draw countless souls to Christ. �

I do not know, but I suspect that some point in their lives, many such souls actually come to the intuition that God has specially chosen them to be instruments of salvation like few others have been chosen.�� And as a result they actually glory in their cross.���

�� ��

����������� Are we to understand from Voris� statement that he holds God responsible for laying the cross of homosexuality on particular souls, in order that they may become victim souls and thus attain salvation for themselves and draw others to Christ? If so, then Voris is guilty of blasphemy. No man is born a sexual pervert by the will of God that good may come of it. ��

Homosexuality, like all sexual perversions, is an acquired vice the seeds of which are usually planted early in life. Probable causes include disturbed family patterns and parental psychopathology; premature sexual seduction; infantile sexual fixations; and gender identity conflicts. Once the individual becomes habituated to the vice and crosses over the line to the forbidden and perverse, his struggle to free himself from the vice becomes more difficult. Nevertheless, in each and every case, the homosexual is faced with a choice to engage in or reject deviant behavior � a moral choice to do good and avoid evil. In this, he is no �different� than any other sinner who has ever walked the face of the earth.

For the record, in the 17 years that this writer spent in conducting research for The Rite of Sodomy** which included an in depth investigation of homosexual �spirituality� (New Ageism, the Occult, Satanism, Theosophy, Queer Christian Theology, etc.) I never saw a scintilla of evidence to support Voris� theories on homosexuals as victim souls.

I have, however, been privileged to communicate with Catholic men and women with a history of same-sex relationships, who, by the grace of God, and after a long and difficult struggle, have become models of Christian charity and humility.

From my conversations with these individuals, I know that many do, in fact, offer up their sufferings to Our Lord in reparation for the sins of the world, especially sins against the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. But I have yet to hear any express a desire for extraordinary divine phenomena such as becoming a true victim soul since these gifts are rare and they depend solely on the free and supreme will of God.

Voris was wrong when he sought to promote the money/power cult of Opus Dei as the answer to the Church�s problems.

I believe that he is equally ill advised in his promotion of the idea of the victim soul as an answer to Catholics caught up in the vice of sodomy who wish to extricate themselves in order to follow Christ more closely and advance in the spiritual life.

I leave the reader with this warning from the pen of Alexander Pope:

Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,

As to be hated needs but to be seen;

Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,

We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Randy Engel, Director

������������������������������������������ �����������������������������������������U.S. Coalition for Life

����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� October 4, 2010

* CFN series on the Book of Gomorrah is available at


��� ** The Rite of Sodomy is available at


A U.S. Coalition for Life Commentary

by Randy Engel

Eugenics Meets the Pizza King -

Ave Maria in the Shadow of Auschwitz

This three part series�is�available below�

Part I�� Part II � Part III �

From: U.S. Coalition for Life Research Library

To: International Prolife Community

Sent: October 22, 2009

Subject: New Releases from USCL Archives��

The following documents have been released by the U.S. Coalition for Life for October 2009 and are available at

  • Do You Need Permission to Save an Unborn Baby ? Today, the Pro-Life Movement in the United States is in need of a major organizational overhaul along the same coalition lines upon which it was founded. �A Pro-Life Study of Power Struggles Within the Right to Life Movement and a Comparison of Two Kinds of Organization � Dictatorship Vs Coalition,� which was written in 1977 by veteran prolifer Arlene Doyle is as pertinent today as it was three decades ago. Must read.

Contact Information: Randy Engel, USCL Director at��������������������������������,

Box 315, Export, PA 15632
, 724 � 327 -7379.

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U.S. Coalition for Life International Media Release

September 23, 2009


�Paraguayan Bishop Harbors Pederasty Cult of the Society of St. John

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, �The relocation and restoration in South America of the formerly suppressed, U.S.-based scandal-ridden Society of Saint John (SSJ) is one of the most outrageous examples of ecclesiastical malfeasance facing the Catholic Church today,� charges Randy Engel, Director of the U.S. Coalition for Life.

�Disbanded and forbidden from representing itself as �a recognized ecclesial entity of the Roman Catholic Church� by Bishop Joseph Martino, of the Diocese of Scranton in November 2004, after years of credible accusations of moral turpitude and gross financial fraud, the disgraced Society of St. John has found protection and solace in the arms of Bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano of the Diocese of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay,� says Engel.

�At the heart of the controversy is Bishop Livieres� incardination of SSJ founder Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity into the Diocese of Ciudad del Este,� says Engel. �The incardination took place despite repeated warnings from Bishop Martino to Livieres that Urrutigoity�s unchastity, disobedience and outright rebellion, and financial extravagance made him �unfit for ministry,� and despite assurances made in March 2006 by Archbishop Orlando Antonini, the Apostolic Nuncio of Paraguay, that Urrutigoity (and his accomplice and rapist Fr. Eric Ensey) were temporarily in the Diocese of Ciudad del Este, but had been sent away by Bishop Livieres. �� It seems that it does not remain any trace of this Society in Paraguay ,� reported Archbishop Antonini. �That turned out not to be the case,� says the Coalition director.

�In his public letter of November 17, 2008, in defense of the SSJ and Urrutigoity,� says Engel, �Bishop Livieres states that Urrutigoity stands innocent of the charges against him; that there have never been any �serious and credible charges� against him; and that the �campaign of defamation� against him �was �orchestrated by one source.� �I believe that the record will show that the bishop�s assertions are incorrect on every count,� says Engel.

����������� �From his earliest days as a seminarian at the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) Seminary of Our Lady of Co-Redemptrix in La Reja, Argentina , Urrutigoity was accused of maintaining particular friendships, and of homosexual tendencies and acts against his fellow seminarians and layman living at the seminary,� says Engel.


�Later, after a brief stay at the priory of Cordoba (Argentina), Urrutigoity was shipped out of Argentina to the SSPX� St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, Minn. where he was ordained in 1989 and given a teaching position,� says Engel.

�In 1997, shortly after Urrutigoity was expelled from St. Thomas for �subversive activities,� that is, secretly plotting a new religious order, he sexually molested a seminarian who had left with him � an action prosecutable under both canon law and civil law,� says Engel. �Unfortunately,� says Engel, by the time the incident was reported to SSPX authorities, two years had passed, and Urrutigoity and his followers had found safe haven in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania headed by Bishop James Timlin.�

�It was Timlin who gave the newly formed pederast Society of St. John its canonical standing as a �clerical association of the faithful�; lent his financial assistance to the building of the Society�s �City of God,� a project which attracted more than $5 million in donations but never materialized; and appointed the SSJ members as chaplains at St. Gregory�s Academy, a Catholic boys� prep school operated by the Fraternity of St. Peter,� says Engel.

�Among the many warnings concerning Urrutigoity that Timlin received but ignored,� says Engel, �was a confidential letter dated February 10, 1999, from the SSPX Superior General Bernard Fellay confirming the charges of sexual abuse against Urrutigoity stated above, and citing earlier charges made at the La Reja Seminary.�

Referring back to Bishop Livieres� letter of November 2008, Engel notes that �while in 2001 the Scranton Independent Review Board reported that there were no explicit allegations of sex while Urrutigoity was sleeping with students at St. Gregory�s,the bishop failed to report the Board�s finalrecommendation made on March 21, 2002 which stated �In view of the credible allegation from the seminarian, his admitted practice of sleeping with boys and young men, and the troubling evaluation by The Southdown Institute, Father Carlos Urrutigoity should be removed from active ministry; his faculties should be revoked; and he should be asked to live privately (emphasis added).��

Engel reports that �Even after the Scranton Diocese in 2002 was named as a co-defendant in a $1million plus sex abuse lawsuit brought by �John Doe,� a former student at St. Gregory�s Academy, who charged Urrutigoity and another SSJ priest, Eric Ensey with sexual assault,� says Engel, �and the case had been settled in the plaintiff�s favor for $454,550, Timlin continued to praise and support the SSJ just as Bishop Livieres is doing today.�

�There is no doubt that there is a �cult of personality� that has developed around the charismatic and charming Urrutigoity,� says Engel, �and it is well-known that he has powerful familial, financial and ecclesiastical connections in Argentina and Rome, which explains the extraordinary degree of protection and immunity he has enjoyed over the span of more than two decades.� �But our concern is, and always has been, for the physical, moral, and spiritual welfare of the vulnerable and innocent children and youth who will fall into Urrutigoity�s path as a result of his appointment to the diocese by Bishop Livieres,� says Engel

�I believe the Catholics of the Diocese of Ciudad del Este have every right to demand that plans for the canonical erection of the Society of St. John by Bishop Livieres be terminated and canonical procedures begun to return Fr. Urrutigoity to the lay state,� says Engel. �If Bishop Livieres refuses to take action in this matter, then the task falls to the Holy See and ultimately the Holy Father,� she says.

�The U.S. Coalition for Life pledges its assistance to the people of Ciudad del Este by freely providing to Catholic organizations and members of the media throughout Paraguay and South America all the documentation necessary to back up the Coalition�s charges against Fr. Urrutigoity and the Society of St. John,� Engel says.��

�We also plan to challenge the Society�s IRS tax-deductible tax status which currently enables the Society to raise funds from clueless Catholics in the United States for shipment to Paraguay ,� she says.

�Neither Urrutigoity nor any other member of the Society of St. John is going to bugger his way through any youth or seminarian in Paraguay or anywhere else if we can help it,� says the Director of the USCL, �but we can�t do it without the help of the Catholic laity and clergy of the Diocese of Ciudad del Este.�

- End -



Randy Engel, Director USCL
Box 315, Export, PA 15632
Media Phone Line - 724 � 327 � 7379
E-Mail (
correo electr�nico)�

From: U.S. Coalition for Life Research Library

To: International Prolife Community

Sent: May 19, 2009

Subject: New Releases from USCL Archives for May

Please bookmark

Dear Friends of Life,

The following documents with footnoted commentaries (scroll down) have been released by the U.S. Coalition for Life for April 2009 and are available at

  • ��A Catholic Abortion� � A documentary relating how an ecumenical, national campaign to uphold the dignity of human life was about to be born, and how the pregnancy was terminated by the national bureaucracy of the Catholic Church.� (1)

  • BABI-Pre-Implantation Diagnosis � Another Anti-Life Genetic Package promoted and funded by the March of Dimes. (2)

  • Beyond Family Planning� A document from the Rockefeller/Population Council explaining why family planning is the first step taken on the road to population control. (3)

  • Sexual Attitudinal Restructuring � How sexuality workshops that incorporate pornographic films are used on Catholic college campuses and in Catholic seminaries and dioceses for the purpose of encouraging and tolerating deviant sexual behavior.

  • Dr. Jerome Lejeune on Human Nature � �We are the only species on earth to wonder who we are and where are we going and on occasion to ask ourselves the fearsome questions: �How is it with your brother?�; �What have you done with your child?�� (4)

  • Blessed Margaret of Castello � A Patron for the Universal Pro-Life Apostolate.

Commentaries by Randy Engel, Director, USCL

(1) A Catholic Abortion� � On April 9, 2009, Frank Joseph, M.D., ( in connection with a release on the defeat of a North Dakota Personhood Bill in the State Senate, asked the troubling question as to why the two Catholic bishops of North Dakota publicly opposed a bill that would have granted personhood status to human beings from the moment of conception.

The answer to his question is that the two bishops were advised to oppose the measure by the North Dakota Catholic Conference which in turn takes its marching orders from the legal counsel of the bishops� bureaucracy, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), formerly, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops/United States Catholic Conference (NCCB/USCC). This should come as no surprise to anyone who has tracked the anti-life agenda of the bishops� national bureaucracy from its creation in 1966-67 to the present day.

As �A Catholic Abortion� (1971) clearly demonstrates, the NCCB/USCC (USCCB) is no friend of the unborn child, and NEVER has been.

(2) BABI Another Anti-Life Genetic Baby Package � This detailed article on pre-implantation diagnosis was originally published in the Friends of the Michael Fund Newsletter in the fall of 2002. BABI is the incredibly facetious acronym for blastomere analysis before implantation, that is, the creation of human embryos via in vitro fertilization, the implantation of unaffected embryos in the mother�s womb, and the destruction of affected embryos.

BABI is said to have �special advantages� over other prenatal diagnostic techniques such as amniocentesis since the killing takes place in a laboratory, thus precluding the �problem� of maternal bonding of mother and child associated with late-term eugenic abortions and the �need� for parents to directly participate in the destruction of their offspring.


In 2000, the March of Dimes (MOD) awarded a $65,225 grant titled �To refine a method of ascertaining the chromosomal content of single cells. Goal: Preimplantaion analysis of embryos in IVF settings and prenatal diagnosis using fetal cells from maternal blood,� to pro-abort MOD researcher Dr. Kurt Hirschhorn, Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York . (Source: MOD Research Grants 2000, p. 24.)


That same year, Dr. Evan Y. Snyder of Children�s Hospital, Harvard Medical School received a grant of $750,000 from the March of Dimes for human embryonic stem cell research to restore brain function. (Source: MOD Research Grants 2000, p. 21.)


The MOD is currently promoting BABI in connection with Tay Sachs disease. See���


3. Beyond Family Planning� by Bernard Berelson is an accompaniment to the infamous

Berelson-Jaffe Memo of 1969 ( . The Prolife Movement will never get the federal government out of abortion and population control until it gets the federal government out of the �family planning� business.

In answer to the question, �Why is family planning the first step taken on the road to population control?� Berelson responds, because family planning is acceptable from a �broad political standpoint,� that is, it is linked in the public mind with maternal and child health care and is popularly viewed as �a contribution to the effective person freedom of individual couples.�

Berelson states that new abortion techniques which do not require hospitalization could open to door, theoretically, to abortion �camps� similar to the vasectomy �camps� that have been established in developing countries.

Berelson makes the best case for why the Prolife Movement needs to kill the federal government�s multi-billion dollar family planning and population research programs carried out under Title X of the Public Health service Act and Title X of the Foreign Assistance Act.

(4) Dr. Jerome Lejeune on Human Nature � The cause for beatification of Dr. Lejeune has been introduced by Msr Andre Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris. Dr. Lejeune, a world class prolifer and geneticist was an International Advisor to the U.S. Coalition for Life, and the Director of Medical Research of the International Foundation for Genetic Research/Michael Fund from 1978 until his death on Easter Sunday, April 3, 1994. A limited number of prayer cards to obtain graces by God�s servant intercession have been made available to the Michael Fund by Leticia Velasquez ( Single prayer cards are available for free by sending a S.S.A.E. to the Michael Fund, 4371 Northern Pike, Pittsburgh, PA 15146 .

Contact Information: Randy Engel, Director, USCL


Box 315, Export, PA 15632

����������� ���������������������������724 327 7379


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